Honesty plays a quiet melody of two souls easily torn apart. Perforation, in the simplest terms, as things take little force to be doomed from the start. Of course, in the beginning there was nothing but the blinding sensation of one accord. And here I am, reflecting on the tumultuous silence of a thing that… Continue reading Tear


I write poetry because

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pretty much exclusively writing poetry. And at first, I convinced myself I was doing it just to have something to post on this blog or to keep me writing, like it was a chore. Hell, over half of the ones I’ve posted were literally copied and pasted… Continue reading I write poetry because

Narrative of a Mistaken Story

I lie awake in a stolen thought. Story unfinished, yet imagined. Book unopened but read all the same. Two men in blurry swiftness smash car windows and distribute flyers. Violence grabs attention. People gather to watch their farce of raining glass and chromatic broadcast. Wrong story, thoughts gone astray. Ah, a bizarre harmony in an… Continue reading Narrative of a Mistaken Story

Stolen Thoughts

I pick up the pen. Notes of when I was high back then and I could breathe up here. Erased due to immaturity. Replaced with promiscuity. The climax of two, three campaigns and champagne. Pages whistle, fear all but official. Remarks from yesterday. Better than now somehow but erased nevertheless. I'll confess I'm at wit's… Continue reading Stolen Thoughts