We, the Last

Let's lose our minds together in a world we've never been and see each other not only when it's convenient to forget the laws of powerful men. Let's forget this place altogether and replace it with an endless reverie that can't be found in simple novelty, where no doubt can be the end of anything… Continue reading We, the Last


Introspectively Optimistic

Is it weird that the very same characters that I created myself are helping me get through my depression? I really don't how else I can explain the phenomenon, but I can actually just close my eyes and just like have a conversation with them. And it honestly just makes me feel better. I mean… Continue reading Introspectively Optimistic

My Vicarious Identity

It's risky business to exist beyond this life to live through another made up in my head. And I wonder if I'm out of my mind but of course I am where I want to be. That sensation of taking a deep breath and feeling the walls crumble around me... There is no comparing it… Continue reading My Vicarious Identity

For Better or Worse

So on Christmas (btw I hope you all had a great holiday), I came across a picture that made me feel way better about how this year has turned out as far as progress in my writing is concerned anyway. It was a tweet that simply said: And I can't really explain why, but it… Continue reading For Better or Worse