Knowing where I am by knowing where I've been. I let the waves take me where I need to go even though I can't swim. And I look to the stars for freedom and bliss. I see what lies ahead by looking backward and feeling the warmth of progress so that one day soon I… Continue reading Wayfinding



Landslide coming down on me, the bit of sun that I can see is more than enough to ignite my soul and set me free. Countdown til hits the earth, let me show you what I'm worth when I take this worry and the hurt turn it all into mirth. Crawl, crawl if you can,… Continue reading Landslide

My Vicarious Identity

It's risky business to exist beyond this life to live through another made up in my head. And I wonder if I'm out of my mind but of course I am where I want to be. That sensation of taking a deep breath and feeling the walls crumble around me... There is no comparing it… Continue reading My Vicarious Identity