My Melody

In a melody that sounds much like a memory I found solace in a lyric so fragile yet flawless. Now I sing to that tune and remember that last spring I was afraid and alone but now my happiness is handmade.


Hughes Blues Part Three

Here's some more poetry from my man Langston Hughes. Every once in a while, I pick up his poem collection and I just feel inspired by his writing style. Here's a couple more that I really enjoy. Love Love is a wild wonder And stars that sing, Rocks that burst asunder And mountains that take… Continue reading Hughes Blues Part Three

Introspectively Optimistic

Is it weird that the very same characters that I created myself are helping me get through my depression? I really don't how else I can explain the phenomenon, but I can actually just close my eyes and just like have a conversation with them. And it honestly just makes me feel better. I mean… Continue reading Introspectively Optimistic